The Model T A new standard

Our AI-powered custom-fit technology ensures that every pair of shoes is tailored uniquely to your feet. Reserve the personalized perfection of MODEL T today.

First edition Founders Series ships spring 2024.

How It Works

The Virtual Experience

  • Fully Remote

    Log into the IAMBIC Client Portal and personalize your path forward without leaving your living room.

  • Personal Touch

    Share your personal fit preferences and scan each foot with your smartphone’s camera.

  • Fit Analysis

    We’ll analyze your scans and preferences to craft your personalized MODEL T shoes.

Be the first


Personalize your path forward with AI-driven sizing that ensures your MODEL T fits like a dream. Sole Print™ technology that adapts to your walk, offering a personalized experience like no other. Available in black or white luxury Napa leather.

Pre-order now for the MODEL T Founders Series, shipping spring 2024.

Model T
Due Today
fully refundable

The Shoe

01 Sizeless
Feature 01


Break free with IAMBIC, a sizeless sneaker that’s built around your foot shape, not size. Our artisans in Portugal expertly craft a full-grain leather shoe using AI technology, foot scans, and data-driven design. We marry art and science so that you can step into the future supported like never before.

02 Sole Print ™
Feature 02

Sole Print ™

Our first-of-its-kind Sole Print™ graces your soles like peppermint candy canes. As the white Wear Bars gradually wear down, the red layer beneath emerges, known as our “Heat Map.” These unlock data on your stride, guiding us in perfecting every new pair of IAMBIC shoes for you. You’re constantly moving, we’re constantly improving.

03 Climate Control Lining
Feature 03

Climate Control Lining

Our lining is microperforated, temperature regulating, and antimicrobial. These moisture-wicking fibers have an absorption capacity of 8x their weight in water to keep your feet dry and fresh.

04 Tunable Insole
Feature 04

Tunable Insole

Padded with high-density, adjustable layers personalized to your daily liking. There’s also space to accommodate your existing customized insoles.

05 Padded Collar
Feature 05

Padded Collar

Our shoes feature expertly crafted foam padding that envelops the sides and rear of your foot, ensuring a secure fit for effortless, all-day wear.

Dedicated to a Visionary

In memory of a friend

Tyson was a founding team member who embodied IAMBIC’s independent spirit. His love for cars was particularly infectious, and he saw the connection to what we were building, even in a product that initially seemed unrelated. We dedicate our Model T to Tyson to honor his tireless support in making IAMBIC a reality.

Our community


Be part of the co-creation process by joining IAMBISPHERE, our community of break-the-mold thinkers, innovators, and product testers. You’ll play an integral role in honing our designs and perfecting our technology. Being an IAMBISPHERE member grants exclusive priority access to those who are on the Model T waitlist.


When does the MODEL T arrive?

The expected delivery for the first MODEL T drop, The Founders Series is set for spring 2024. Should the first drop be prepared earlier, the IAMBIC team will keep you informed through communication.

What makes the MODEL T different from other shoes?

The MODEL T is not just a shoe; it’s an edition-of-one crafted with AI-driven precision. Our innovative technology captures a 360° view of your personal fit requirements, creating a unique shoe tailored to your movements, needs, and lifestyle.

How do the MODEL T shoes differ from the Executive Experience shoes?

Our Executive Experience includes a trial pair and an option for an in-person fit assessment, while the MODEL T offers a simplified experience with a fully remote fit assessment.